Fried Salmon with Tortellini and Rocket Sallad


Portions: 4

Type of dish: Main

Cooking time: 25 min

Difficulty: Medium

Main ingredient: Fresh Salmon, pasta

<2 days

“A dinner that is easy to make on the camping stoves.”
4 Pieces of fresh salmon fillets
  Butter, for frying
250 g Tortellini, e.g. ricotta and garlic
100 g Rocket sallad
1 box Cherry tomatoes
1 tblsp Olive oil
2 tblsp Lemon juice
  Salt and black pepper

1. Put tortellini on the boil.

2. Fry salmon until golden a few minutes on both sides.

3. Mix rocket sallad and cherry tomato halves.

4. Serve salmon with tortellini and sallad and drizzle olive oil and lemon juice over the dish.